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The Adventure continues - in the summer of 2017 I will lead an expedition into uncharted territory in Northern Zambia, not too far from the Tree under which that most famous of British explorers Dr David Livingston lies buried! It is a pocket of wild country that lies along the edge of the Luangwa Valley, one of Africa's last pristine wilderness areas and is a recent addition to our Zambian hunting portfolio.

It is a trip back in time where no roads or fences exist, no fancy camps or services provided, an exploratory journey to set up a permanent camp and gauge game numbers for future safaris and anti poaching activities. This is Safari in the true sense, not some fancy high end luxury camp with ice and crisp sheets, it is a walking expedition true to tradition, no frills and no fuss except the promise and taste of Africa as it was many, many decades ago.

Two Henry Rifles will form part of the expedition 'battery' so to speak -

The first is the original Henry 1860 carbine, much like the one handed to David Livingstone by Henry Stanley in 1871 - it is in .45 Long Colt and although intended as an exhibition rifle at the final destination in Livingstone, it will be used to take game around camp and for the pot.

The second rifle is a Henry 45 70 with brass receiver and octagon barrel fixed with Skinner sights and shooting Buffalo Bore 45/70 specific ammunition. READ THE FULL STORY HERE

This rifle will be carried in case situations with Elephant and man eating Lions arise, as well as shooting the main quarry of the trip, that denizen of the forests - the Cape Buffalo.

If you want to be part of this historic expedition, more details can be found on our Zambian hunting website - HUNT ZAMBIA


 the David Livingstone 1860 Rifle bound for Zambiathe David Livingstone 1860 Rifle bound for Zambia