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Hunt Africa with a Lever Action Gun!

They'll tell you NO! it is not possible BUT I have been carrying an 1895 Marlin GBL in 45 70 as my back up gun in Zambia since 2010.

YES it is possible to hunt Cape Buffalo, Hippo and the other beasties of Africa, be it in the wilderness of Zambia or the game ranches of South Africa.

Hunt with a PH who actually carries the gun, I have the best properties, the best camps and yes, the best advice on how to hunt Africa with the classic Lever Action calibers - 45 70, 30-30, 35 Rem, 45 Long Colt and more - just ask!

Cape Buffalo taken with 45-70 Marlin Lever ActionCape Buffalo taken with 45-70 Marlin Lever Action
 Most of the hard core African hunters will laugh in your face and say you're lying, or look at you with sad pathetic eyes when you reveal that you're going to try and shoot that deadly foe, the Tyrant of the African veldt with an 18 inch barrel 45/70 cowboy gun out of the United States!
Cape buffalo are dreaded beasts, they are big and cunning, they are extremely fast, have horns that pierce and gore, iron hooves that trample and mangle and eyes that blaze red and shoot fire into your heart. You cannot kill them unless you have the tyrannosaurus rex of guns, great heavy bullets and a keen eye over the sights.
In the year of our lord 2012, around about noontime, I successfully led a client on a buffalo hunt in Mozambique where she took a fine and healthy beast of the savanna with the lowly 45/70 Marlin Guide Gun shooting a hardcast lead bullet that I had forged from plain old wheel weights!
The Bullet, a 475 grain hardcast of my own design, passed right through the buffalo, as a solid should, exactly as any of the so called buffalo calibers should do - with one exception - it made a somewhat ear pleasing whack as it hit the bull, standing about 100 yards off. Of course the beast took off and kept me busy for at least an hour tracking in the slow cautionary manner through heavy grass and brush - before I found it stone dead and stiff!