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choose the right bulletschoose the right bullets


Correct bullet choice for the 45/70 Government and the older calibers is essential and calls for speciality or hand loaded ammunition.

one of the firstone of the firstFortyFiveSeventy is dedicated to the classic rifles and calibers produced in early frontier days, the Lee Enfields, the Mausers, the Winchesters, Henrys and Marlins many of us grew up with or longed for. It is mostly written by me, a professional hunter from central Africa who grew up obsessed with lever action guns and refusing to accept the prevailing attitude towards these rifles and calibers – that they are unsuitable for the African continent and the work we do with our Dangerous game. To be sure, given modern powder and bullet technology advances, many of the older calibers in lever action and single shot format are quite suitable for African thick skinned game.

The information and articles cover my personal experience and research with a wide variety of the older calibers through to the classic everyday bolt action hunting calibers we see on the shelves today. Over the past 25 years as an African professional hunter I have witnessed the performance of a great many calibers and bullets on all of the continents game animals.

"All writers are agreed as to the hazards of invading the haunts of this savage animal, whose skulking habits, no less than his tremendous strength, render him an object to be greatly dreaded...........he is described to of so irascible a disposition that he will attack his great enemy, man, without the smallest provocation. And should he succeed in destroying his victim, it is his wont to stand over the inanimate corpse, goring and tossing it in vindictive fury with his formidable horns, trampling it under his feet, crushing and mangling it with his knees and stripping off the skin with his rough and prickly tongue; desisting occasionally, but to return again with renewed appetite, as though his revenge might never be glutted!" -Captain William Cornwallis Harris: The Wild Sports of Southern Africa