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The 45-70 Government has stood the test of time in the United States but has remained firmly embedded on the north American continent favored as a handy back up gun by big game guides after brown bear and moose. Even here though, the low pressure commercial loads offered up a bad reputation to the caliber in lever gun rendition and only with the advent of boutique ammunition manufacturers and home loading does the 45-70 government come into its own.

Over the past decade my escapades after that dreaded of African beasts - the Black Death - with Lever Gun in hand has proven time and again that the 45-70 Government in a small easy handy carry package like the Marlin GBL or the Henry Big Boy, is enough gun for a humble PH like me.

Loaded up with 500 grain hardcast lead, I carry these lever rifles each day all day when out scouting in black death territory. To be sure, I have no hesitation that this caliber will protect me from that feared black death foe for whom others seem to think only a big heavy Nitro Express double rifle will do!